Is there any software to backup/restore OM-D settings?

Started Jan 17, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Is there any software to backup/restore OM-D settings?

That's a very good question!

Have been reading all there is to know about setting up the E-M5 recently, since I have time before my used one arrives in the post, and have been wondering the same thing!

Many new cameras are starting to have more powerful processors for running things like wi-fi, GPS and the general system (some already run on Android OS like some new Samsungs) maybe it would be a simple firmware update to allow them to talk to third party software off camera (wishfull thinking I know!)

Seeing it is now regarded as "The" camera of 2012, it would be nice to think there are some app developers out there who could fill this gap.

That way we could adjust and save settings on our PC's, laptops and mobiles.

I have already made PDF's of the most interesting settings options and user manuals, that way I can check up on most things while on the move from my mobile which is always with me!

Always wondered why there isn't a copy of the user manual on every cameras internal memory "seems quite logical" as Spock would say!

Just thinking aloud!


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