More Obama history-making....

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Re: More Obama history-making....

vadimraskin wrote:

Nell27 wrote:

Let's start the shooting lessons in kindergarten Let's put armed teachers in the classrooms (hope that Ms. Jones on PMS won't go bananas on the group of roudy kids and takes care of them with a few well positioned shots - teach them an ultimate lesson!)

What else?How am I doing so far?

Have to agree with PhD4 on this one.

You came close to making yourself sound stupid with that PMS statement.

And, let's be honest, none of these mass shootings/killings have been committed by a woman; only by murderous little freaks who all happen to be male.

yeah, let's experiment then and give them a chance, right? All it takes is ONE to start the trend.

You make some pretty stupid comments.

What does your sarcasm about PMS'ing women going postal and killing children have to do with anything ?

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