I really gave the X100 a shot...

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Re: I really gave the X100 a shot...

jbjose wrote:

... and personally, I'm not getting the hang of it and am about to sell it.

Is there something I need to try with it before selling it?

I had read up its issues before buying it and I seriously thought I could live with it but I can't get used to the following (coming from using a Nikon D700):

  • The parallax in the OVF; I've yet to get used to the difference in the viewfinder and the captured image. I'm still not able to estimate it.
  • The focus is hard to pinpoint in OVF.
  • The focus is slow (I'm on fw 1.3).
  • The EVF has a very very slight but noticeable lag (just like any electronic vf). What bugs me is how it view blacks out when an image is taken.

Am I missing something? Should I give it more time?

Basically, I bought it to use in place of the D700+35mm prime for doing street photography.

  • Switch on the parallax correction, if it's much of a problem you're probably too close anyway.
  • Make the focus box smaller.
  • Hmm. People say this but I've never had a problem even with v1.0 But if you really feel this then you are stuck.
  • Don't use the EVF. No point anyway.

My suspicion is that you are mostly trying to use the camera at closer distances to your subject than the camera is really designed for. All your problems point to this.

In which case really the camera probably isn't the best match for your needs, though it sounds like the X100s will probably suit you fine. Return it quick while you can get your money back and wait for reviews of the next model.

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