3880, which carts, which inks?

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Re: 3880, which carts, which inks?

I looked at Inkowl, and finally found the 3880.  My only concern about less expensive cartridges (less than Inkjetmall) is build quality.  I read the blog Jon Cone did earlier about their trip to China.  And how MANY cartridges that looked similar had different build quality.  I THOUGHT the Inkjetmall cartridges had the bladder like the OEM ones, but can anyone confirm that?
Can someone explain the whole "need a working set of 9 (NOT EMPTY) Epson 3880 cartridges"?  Wouldn't I use the OEM cartridges that came with the printer until each gets empty, then replace it with the 3rd party cartridge?  Does this mean I CAN'T do that if I empty the cartridges?

I read the topic in here about using the replacement inks one cartridge at a time and finding that the color didn't match or the gloss was drastically different, or some other problem with the 3rd party ink.  For inks, which ones (hopefully in my list) are going to be direct replacements for the OEM inks?  By that I mean same color, gloss, metamerism, etc.  Do I need to stay with something like the Cone ink, or will the Inkowl ink, which is about a THIRD the cost of the Cone ink work perfectly?

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