Just how tough can you be on these cameras?

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Re: Just how tough can you be on these cameras?

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

The magnesium alloy camera bodies which are environmentally sealed are built to withstand abuse to a point.

The trouble is that there's not really much crash dummy testing going on, so we don't have a lot of data. The cameras don't have airbags, or gel pads, or anything to protect them; so while the camera body itself is damned near indestructable, it's the delicate internals that can be more easily damaged.

I have dropped a DSLR full-on from tripod height, tipping over, and crashing onto the cement. And it was perfectly fine. But another time it happened during a wedding shoot and it ruined the lens zoom gears, but the camera again was fine.

My guess is that a D700 could handle swinging around and occasionally coming loose and smacking into the rock a few times while it was twirling around (you'll probably want to invest in a lens cap string). In fact, I think it could even handle a good twirl by yourself when you make a mistake and the camera gets crunched between you and the rocks. I bet it would still work if you purposefully jammed it into the rocks with moderately strong force.

Good to know I can use it for protection if I run out of large nuts

But I don't think it would work if you took it by the camera strap and used it like a hammer with all your strength. I think it would dent, but I think it would damage it internally. And I don't think it would survive a fall of 20 feet or more, especially a fall where it keeps hitting the rocks.

So it's really just a matter of lower risk for damage, but heavier weight.

Personally if it was me, I would opt for a pocket camera. But if you insist on the D700, I think it would hold up quite well for you.

Thanks for the info you provided. I've climbed with a pocket camera, and once or twice with my GH2 but only on easy stuff, but often think "Damn, if I had a large sensor camera with me I could get this shot just right"

Whilst this thread has been progressing I've sorta found a way out putting a camera case out of the way enough on my bag whilst still being in reach. Might work out, but I'm going to have to sow another piece of strapping to my bag to know for sure.

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