EOS-M : Sure love this camera - hard to put it down!

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Re: EOS-M : Sure love this camera - hard to put it down!

Clem Nichols wrote:


As usual, very nice images. As an owner/user of both, would you be so kind as to comment on the performance speed (shutter lag, shot-to-shot time, auto-focus, etc.) on the EOS-M relative to the G1X. It's obvious you are fond of and very proficient with both cameras. Thanks for your response.

Hmmm... I wouldn't call this a review or even a comparison but the following might make some sense to you:  The shot-to-shot time varies depending entirely on which lens is used at the time.  Some EF lenses offer a rapid 4.3 (?) frames per second continuously and other EF lenses fire at 4.3 fps for the first three shots and then slow down to 1.7 fps.  As for target acquisition, it varies slightly from lens to lens too.  Some are very swift but others (eg 100mm f/2.8L Macro) are very slow or may hunt for a focus lock.  The major noticable feature on the EOS-M that I really like is the touch screen with the ability to slide the targeting reticule about on the screen with your thumb.  So easy!

The G1X would be slightly faster in most instance although not all.  The accuracy of the EOS-M is excellent but it can apparently be thrown out when photographing bright reflections (eg. chrome in sunlight).  So when shooting such subjects or scenes I will often take more than one shot just to be certain.

For an all purpose camera on a vacation, I would not hesitate to bring the G1X.  It has a great zoom range and excellent image quality.  For those who already own a DSLR, the EOS-M is a great way to expand on the use of some lenses.  I suppose most DSLR users will simply bring their DSLR along but I let my wife use the DSLRs now and I use the G1X.   Obtaining an EOS-M has inspired me to purchase a number of new EF lenses lately just to use on the EOS-M.  My wife can then use them on her DSLRs if needed for her own shots.

The G1X should be your primary goal for an all in one camera.  I use the EOS-M with specific primes and I like the DSLR-like results it gives.  The Bokeh can be exceptionally strong with some lenses on the EOS-M and that's really why I bought it.  I just like the shallow-DOF effects it offers me.

The shots below are exactly why I bought the EOS-M:  Lowlight ability + lots of Bokeh.  These are the sorts of shots I had hoped to capture with the EOS.  Shots that in low light I would not be able to achieve with the G1X.  Shots that had reasonably attractive bokeh.

Now the shots below show the sorts of shots I bought the G1X to take:  Clear, Sharp, Wide Views and Portable.  I guess that I bought each camera for very different reasons.  I can't capture shots on the G1X that I can get with the EOS-M and the opposite is also somewhat true.  There's no one single lens for the EOS-M that is as small, as lightweight and as capable as the G1X lens.

It's a bit like using the right tool for the right job.  I tend to carry the EOS-M to events where I want to capture people in low light.  Or I use it when I think the results of particular lenses are more ideal for certain publications.  Sometimes you really need to separate the subject from the background.

The G1X, on the other hand, is the perfect all-in-one camera for me.  It's a very powerful little package that captures 80% of what I want or need.  I think most people would only need one camera.  I have numerous photographing needs to I use about a half dozen at any time.  The G1X is the camera I get most of my shots with but the EOS-M is a lot of fun to play with and I certainly find it hard to leave at home.

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