I'm thinking the xrite colorchecker passport is useless after reading this...

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Re: Benefit over other methods?

Thanks for the responses Robin and Michael.  I know the difference between the profile correction and WB, but I can see that my questions may suggest otherwise.  What I meant was that to me the WB seems to have a much bigger effect on the colors of the image than the profile.  When shooting raw, wb can be set after the fact, if you use the WB adjustment in LR, take the dropper and click on a red and the whole image is completely whack.

In most of my shots, if I adjust WB properly the colors look quite accurate.  I think Robin mentioned earlier that dress color would be blue instead of purple, but that seems a bit dramatic to me.  In my shots, none of the colors seem that far off from what I remember shooting once I get the WB correct.

So does adding the CCP make much of a difference in practice beyond correct WB adjustment?  Or is this just going after the last 1%?

Also, why not share profiles?  I'm sure someone has a D800 with profiles already created.  Sure, it may not be perfect and not for the exact light I'm shooting but likely close enough.  Might be a good idea for a site  Post your profile, describe how you created it, the cam it's for, etc.  Give people the ability to vote on the profiles, good ones that work well float to the top.

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