RX100 vs Competitors?

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Re: RX100 vs Competitors?

ladyninja wrote:

I have a Canon 7D that I've been taking fantastic photos with. However, it's more suited for dedicated photoshoots than everyday shooting. I work in a barn and like to take pictures of the horses throughout the day and various activities--many of which are fast paced. I am an image quality snob and want the best quality I can buy. I have also been looking for a camera that can shoot 1080p video and do it well for recording horseback riding. This seems like a decent all-around camera for that (I need both a compact camera and a video camera, but having both in one would be nice as long as the quality is acceptable).

I also need something study that isn't going to break.

Are there any alternatives video-wise or image wise that would be better for what I'm looking for? Sorry if this is in the wrong section...

I'm having a little trouble following some of your reasoning, although the RX100 is a great little camera.

Some questions to consider: coming from the 7D, an excellent camera, do you think you need a viewfinder?  Using this new camera for both stills and video, do you think you'll want to use a video rig?  Your answers could drive some decisions.

My opinion is to wait (if you can, which is what I'm doing....but maybe this is a time sensitive project?) to see what develops in the next 6 months to a year, but especially keep your eye peeled on the Sony NEX system.  The moves Sony have been making are very interesting---for instance using the same mount for their new FF video cameras and the NEX system, their stated intent to bring out a FF NEX, their relase of the first compact FF camera, the RX1, some big gains in sensor performance, etc.  It's looking very synergistic, which could be a big benefit to still + video shooters.  Also, the smaller size of the NEX system means that the video rigs can also be smaller and cheaper (and easier DIY rail stuff, too).  Finally, the NEX system has one very robust camera, the 7, and another decent one, the 6, that both have built in viewfinders.  I have the NEX7, and it's a terrific camera and I am very pleased with it---would buy it again, although it's not perfect.

There are cool things in m4/3, and the Nikon 1 system is nice as far as it goes, but nobody's quite doing what Sony is with convergence.  Samsung is coming out with something interesting maybe before the new Sony's appear, but Samsung is really not much of a system (for those who knock Sony for not having as much of a system as Canon or Nikon...)

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