Best DSLR + lens combo for low light, indoor kid shots

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Re: flash

> there are also photos in that gray area where flash would make it easy and but a skilled photographer with the right equipment can get it done without flash

I would say that the right equipment, when in doubt, is flash.

To put it this way : a skilled driver can safely stop a car without brakes in some situations.  That doesn't mean they'd choose it as anything other than a last option, it means if there's no other choice they'll go without.

Flash is an essential tool in a photographer's arsenal.  Not using it because there's a ​chance​ you might get away without it is not professional behavior - it's just taking a chance.  Sure, there are situations where an experienced photographer can judge the odds of success better than an amateur, but it's still a risk.

Flash is taking control.  In borderline situations not using flash is nothing more than loosing control and hoping to luck.

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