why are people complaining about OMD button size ???

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Re: why are people complaining about OMD button size ???

Steve wrote:

There are millions of compacts sold which are in the higher end,with several buttons scattered around their tinyish bodies.

nobody seems to complain..

but many people here complain about the tiny buttons on the OMD.

Is it because they are coming from large bodied SLR's and they are having problems adapting ?

or are the buttons THAT SMALL ?

For me it's not just that the buttons are small, it's that I can't find a comfortable way to hold the camera so my thumb falls in a good position to push the buttons. Yes I could buy the grip, but then it makes the just as big as my GH2, which I'm perfectly happy with from the point of IQ.

And yes, I do have this problem with some compacts as well.

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