why are people complaining about OMD button size ???

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Buttons are small, squishy and wheels turn to easily.


I have to respectfully disagree with some of the comments.  I do NOT like to complain and usually my comments about cameras describe the engineering compromises that must be made in any particular camera.  (my first degree is in engineering)

I have normal sized hands, but tend to use my cameras in harsh weather.  It is why I waited for the weather sealed EM-5. The 2 small buttons (Fn1 & play) are difficult to use in bad weather and provide no tactile feedback (especially when wearing gloves.

Even more bothersome is the ease at which the wheels will move so that it is necessary to turn the camera off when placing it in a camera bag (done often in bad weather . . . and who thought placing the on=off switch in its current location was a good idea?) .  The wheels should be tighter or have a disable or lock switch.

Hand position is at best awkward whether trying to press certain buttons (again especially in harsh weathe).  The entire hand position changes when one uses the handgrip and tries to access the top buttons.

I can use the camera and indeed I have gotten "used to it" BUT this is a classic example of form OVER function.  A minimal increase in size would improve the handling vastly.  I have and use the Fuji XE-1 which is about the same size and does not cause any hand cramping.

I have used many small cameras without difficulty including the Olympus XA and currently the Panazsonic LX series.

Just because you do not have the problem, does not mean that the problem does not exist. . . merely that you have found a way to work around the problem.

Remember, part of the brilliance on the OM system (which I used for 15+ years) was that it created a small camera with controls as LARGE or larger than the then available contemporary pro cameras. The button sizes and positions IMHO on the EM-5 is simply poor design.

Ed Rauschkolb

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