D600 vs D700 for the next 7-10 years: which is the better investment?

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Re: D600 vs D700 for the next 7-10 years: which is the better investment?

bkkm wrote:

Hi everyone. I am rather new to the forum, but have already benefitted a lot from browsing through the threads. I do have a question, though. I am looking to buy an FX body, though I'd rather spend most of my budget on lens rather than on a body. With that in mind, i am planning on getting an FX body that I can relie on for the next 7-10 years or so, investing the rest of my budget on lens. Given this, which would you say would be the wiser choice: buying a new D600 or a used but well-taken care of D700 ( with, say, ~15,000 shutter counts), assuming they'd go for about the same price, or maybe the D700 for just a little less?

The camera would be mostly for street photography, travel, and portraits.

Many thanks in advance! Any advice or suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

They will both be worth around $300 in 10 years.

Get a D1x.  You can get it for $350 and sell it for $150 in 10 years.  A much better investment....

If you want to take pictures with it, get a D600.  The extra resolution is worth it.

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