USSC to hear Obama "forged documents" case

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This is insane... :(

CraigWestly wrote:

Chato wrote:

It's a non issue. It's become an "issue" only because news outlets like Fox News give it credibility by giving air time to lunatics.

If it's a non issue then the supreme court won't give them the time of day, right? Fox is just a news source. One of many.

It's become an issue only because the Republican Party ​toleratesmembers of it​'s ​party spewing this crazy stuff.

You have no proof either way on this "issue". You spew your faith-based polemics with no data to back it up. I have no data either. The long form on the White House site looks bogus. Maybe some of the folks involved can do a better job of digging up evidence. For the good of the country I hope Obama is not found fraudulent.

It's as if Fox News and the Republicans tolerated Flat Earthers and the Supreme Court takes a case involving whether the earth is flat. And they WOULD if 20 or 30 percent of the population believed that.

Your problems with Fox are YOUR problems. Deal with it.

The ONLY reason Obama would have to "forge" documents" would be if he wasn't born in Hawaii.

School documents might show that he was registered as a foreign student - fraud if he knows he was born in Hawaii. But I don't know how he could "know" were he was born. Most babies don't remember. There is some contradictory evidence.

What's the purpose of forging documents when the truth is that he was born here, and is automatically qualified to be President - And the preceding WILL be part of the decision.

No purpose at all if you can prove it. I hope he does.

No offense, but the above is insane. I mean that.

And the fact that this insanity is so broad based is reason enough for the Court to do their best to lay this to rest.

And as you have previously said, ​this insanity ​AND ​parnanoia is so ingrained that you believe that the Court, when it rules, will only do so because of presure or fear.

This goes way past the point of being debatable.


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