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Ray Sachs wrote:

But, by the same token, if you think the Fuji is notably better in low light, you're wrong. They're both great in low light. I can get great low light shots with both cameras. I did a pretty specific experiment that I discuss in more detail in a post above in this thread comparing the two cameras with the same effective focal length and aperture and there was essentially no real world difference in low light results. And with the OMD's selection of fast glass and amazing stabilization, its not at any dis-advantage in low light. Both are wonderful cameras with different shooting characteristics - either one should meet your low light needs.


When comparing both cameras and shooting them in the same situation I am finding that for much of my low light shooting the remarkable stabilization of the OMD still allows use of ISO 200 with using amazingly long shutter speeds hand held and I still get a tak sharp image whereas in the same shot similar lens and apeture setting I'm forced to use ISO 800 on the XE-1 even when using the OIS on 18-55 kit lens. So much for any Fuji high ISO advantage if you think there even is any.

Also I shoot landscapes so to get the same depth of field I have to close down the XE-1 another full stop compared to the OM-D because of the sensor size difference another win for the OM as far as keeping the ISO lower. You put it all together and the OM is walloping the Fuji in low light situations unless I'm using a tripod then its really close with the Fuji giving slightly less noisy blue skies at ISO 200 but I'm also seeing more fine detail coming out in the OM-D jpegs so it is a wash even in that scenerio.

Put the five axis stabilization sytem, tilt screen, better and faster focusing, better grip, and a functional rubber eye guard for the EVF (the one on the Fuji stinks) into the Fuji XE-1 or XPro1 and I'll sell all my Oly gear in a heartbeat. Until that time comes the OM-D EM-5 is the camera I'd keep if forced to sell one of them.

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