RFC (bundled Silkypix) Still Works Better Than Capture One and ACR

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Re: RFC (bundled Silkypix) Still Works Better Than Capture One and ACR

Trevor G wrote:

Charuteiro wrote:

Hey Trevor,

I used RFC-EX to adjust WB and Tone, and eliminate Highlight and Shadow warnings from DSCF0215.RAF. I changed the WB to make the top of leftmost building white rather than blue; and increased the False Colour control to 50 in order to remove noise that appear as the white specs in the blue sky of the RAF image.

Good work, thanks for contributing

Did you notice that using the building in the distance for WB also turns the roadway in front of the tram a slight but noticeable shade of yellow?

I don't think the WB is out. I think it needed a colour profile chosen which best matches what the JPEG looks like. I chose Memory colour 1, after trying Landscape Taste.

Recall Claude Monet and the effects of vision loss on his paintings. We make images to our preference; there's no right answer...

Sometimes the WB is off in the original JPEG. Especially so in a high contrast shot with bright sun and dark shade. I prefer a white building facade over a blue tint, but didn't notice the effect on the road surface. I adjusted the Fine Colour control and Red Tone Curve to reduce the yellow in the roadway. A screenshot of the modified image is in the album. The histograms detail the differences in images.

==>DPR Album: RFC-EX - DPR DSCF0215.RAF

Instead of increasing NR I reduced it, because that will also tend to increase resolution or the visibility of fine detail.

I do not notice any decrease in resolution of fine detail by increasing the False Colour control.


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