A99 worthy over A77?

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Re: A99 worthy over A77?

I owned A65/A77/A99 and end up selling the A65 and A99.

The A99 being FF has shallower DOF than A77 and is good for portraits when you want to throw background out of focus.  However, the high-iso image quality is only slightly better than the top APS-C camears (e.g. Pentax, Nex 5N, D7000 etc)  and while DR and color depth is important, the A77 gives you more than enough DR/color depth if your shots are mostly exposed correctly.

A99 DR will allow you to recover over/under exposed shots better than A77.  But to me the color rendition in jpeg and AWB is just average/the same as A77.  I had previously owned the X100 and loved the fuji jpeg color in Astia mode.

A99's joystick controller (I don't like the feel vs. the A77) and also focusing speed(same or worse than A77), focus points all cramped in the middle of the frame were the reason why I chose to sell the A99.  Although the focus range limiter seems useful in theory, I find in a run&gun situation you probably won't have time to set that up anyway.

Lastly, if you don't get the new F60 flash with the A99 and use the adapter for F58/43 flashes, sometimes when you shoot in portrait orientation, the flash(with a large softbox or flashbender) may make the flash fall off or make the adapter loose.  And many times you have to take the adapter off and re-tighten it so the connection works.

Tariag wrote:

Hi all,

I'm considering the A77, essentially for studio work (and some wedding/event). I want a SLT because I mainly shoot with LV...

But I'm wondering if the A99 would be a better choice. Not for sensitivity, as I mostly shoot at low ISO, but for broader DR, shorter DOF and (maybe?) better color rendition.

Do you think it would be useful to go for the A99, or the A77 is more than enough? Are the differences in DR and color rendition worthy or just marginal?

Considering that A99 + 24-70mm f/2.8 costs over twice as much A77 + 16-50mm f/2.8...

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