Nikon "MAY" have a solution for the D600 spotting problems...

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Re: This is a non-issue here.

mine was like that with spots more on the left hand side.. i used a rocket blower and removed all but 2 that are in the very top left corner.. for now i can live with that as those 2 are easily fixed in post but i just wanted to state that this is my first Nikon.. I have always thought Nikon and Canon were the 'top of the line' when it came to DSLRs and cameras in general.. I don't want to start any brand wars so don't go there.. but I can't understand a BIG name retailer like Nikon of Japan wouldn't want to get to the bottom of this problem as fast as possible AND fix it for early adopters as soon as possible.. it seems they don't want to even acknowledge that there is a problem.. is this what they have always done?  I mean my previous 2 cameras were Panasonic cameras and before that Olympus.. i never had any problems with either one.. I always wanted to move up to a full frame DSLR and of course my first thoughts were Nikon and Canon.. i HOPE they step up and admit there is a problem and offer a fix or replacement.. as for now.. I can live with 2 spots.. if more come back I will try to clean them again.. is there a way to notify Nikon USA and let them know what is going on.. I thought I saw a website petition to sign up with your serial number and information but i cannot find it now..

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