OMD EM5: Will this wireless shutter work? Pixel RW-221.

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Re: OMD EM5: Will this wireless shutter work? Pixel RW-221.

Jezzoh wrote:

Hello.. just to let you know that I have just tried the Pixel RW-221 along with a separately purchased CL-UC1 connecting cable.

I've found that everything works perfectly on the EM-5 OMD as long as the RW-221 is NOT ATTACHED to the camera hot shoe. It just has to dangle from the camera via the cable!

Hope this helps!

Strange. I have it as well and it works perfect even when connected to the hot shoe. I purchased this one from aamazon:

it came with the correct cable - about $20 and free shipping for both (at least it was back when I ordered it). I use it frequently as it only way I can get my 3 year old to look at the camera is when he can push the button.  Of course I then end up with about a 100 photos in a few minutes

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