Wanted d7000 outdoor, overnight in the forest settings.

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Re: Wanted d7000 outdoor, overnight in the forest settings.

Iamdaniel123 wrote:

Hi there, I have a job shooting an overnight hike through the forest.

Don't do the job unless you know how to...

What settings would you use?

Use only iso400, 1/25, and f/4. Unless, of course, you have to use different settings - which you will.


yes, use an ISO setting.

flash direct,


bounce card,


any other tips.

There are no 'settings' for this, or anything else. No one can know what conditions you will be in unless they were in those conditions at that time.

My two main lenses are the 17-55 and 18-105. Thank you.

I would use a combo of long shutter and flash for painting and fill.

Not a hiking photo, but an after hike camp photo with multiple off camera pops for fill...

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