A99 worthy over A77?

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Re: A99 worthy over A77?

Tariag wrote:

Hi all,

I'm considering the A77, essentially for studio work (and some wedding/event). I want a SLT because I mainly shoot with LV...

But I'm wondering if the A99 would be a better choice. Not for sensitivity, as I mostly shoot at low ISO, but for broader DR, shorter DOF and (maybe?) better color rendition.

Do you think it would be useful to go for the A99, or the A77 is more than enough? Are the differences in DR and color rendition worthy or just marginal?

Considering that A99 + 24-70mm f/2.8 costs over twice as much A77 + 16-50mm f/2.8...


If you can afford it, the 99 will be the better choice. A full-frame sensor always has a better color rendition and DR than an APS-C sensor of the same technological generation. The difference is not marginal. If you look at the DxoMark the advantage is very significant.

Also, you're doing weddings, a situation where you're really better off with the shallow DOF offered by full-frame.

You'll also benefit from the refined autofocus, and from a better viewfinder (the VF itself is the same tech but the signal feeding it is much cleaner).

For studio, please note that the two bodies have an unacceptable delay with wireless triggering in certain situations (google gary friedman A99 wireless flash delay).

the 24/70 2.8 is also a much better lens than the 16-50 2.8.

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