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As often Quoted-> this is a gear forum discussing a problem with gear

If someone glows about the wonders of Zuiko, Nikon or Canon no one says "please move on"

Same on the flip side of the coin in my opinion.

I have moved on and am happy with my choice but I do understand  the disappointment.

I actually admire much about the E system which had left me with higher expectations regarding build quality, dust reduction etc, that clearly stood out from the other brands.

I would just go out and use my equipment and enjoy the results. It is actually disappointment in that there appears to be an end to the E system that is the issue here because, it appears that folks want to carry their enjoyment of the E system forward on a new sensor.  The grumbling is actually a sign that there is a bit of an opportunity to keep a customer.

If we were indifferent, there would be no comments and we would just move on.

This is what Olympus created. Hopefully they are listening.

Roger Engelken wrote:

Bernard au Clairvaux wrote:

Hello all,

Let me begin with I feel that Olympus does owe the 4/3 community something.... and if it's a m4/3 body (hopefully a little larger like the panny) that at least focuses 4/3 lens as good as the E5 as opposed to a new 4/3 body than they can consider their promise fulfilled. And if we are lucky, maybe the focus will actually be better. We'll see.

Next, I feel that Olympus has had the worst management/marketing from a product decision perspective, and a game plan for actually getting the word out as to what 4/3 really is/was, and actually having a marketing presence in media.

I will concede that the longer Olympus waited/waits to really spell out what is actually coming for 4/3, there will be hardly anyone left to give a dam.

But let me compare this to Canon.

In around the late 80's Nikon was the more respected pro camera, with the greater presence. Canon always had their L lenses, and I believe they were generally less expensive than Nikon counterparts.

I bought a Canon T90. I really liked this camera, but I don't think the build quality was all that robust. This camera always had a great following, and cost 500.00 at a time that a canon F-1N went for I think 1200.00 (not positive). When I bought this camera the first EOS cameras were out and the autofocus on this first generation wasnt all that good, nor was it on any competitors cameras either.

Buttttt they changed the lens mount, and the manual focus FD lenses could never ever be used. Some said that the new lens mount was larger and would pay dividends in lens design flexibility.

In summary, Canon went on to surpass Nikon for pro dominance for some time, although it seems to have gotten closer again these days. I believe that Canon's dominance had much to do with the fact that they supplied their OWN sensors and FF ones at that, and thus had little competition in that regard. And the first Digital rebel's pricepoint, (crap lens and all)

So more megapixels, cleaner high iso, and good marketing paved the way for Canon over Nikon and everybody else.

I wonder if the abandoned FD lens owners were as upset as some here are. When I bought into FD I was aware of the new lens mount, and didnt care. I guess Canon never promised anything makes this different, but it's abandonment none the less. Did Canon actually see the future of Digital at this time, producing a lens mount that would reap future rewards, while Nikon, took GREAT Pains to ensure that all the old lens worked on their AF cameras?

I am sure that above mentioned 4/3 solution is forthcoming. Some of Olympus problems had to do with Panny holding back on the newer sensors or charging too much ?

But it seems better developed sensors are now available from sony, and there is greater marketing presence now. If you have 4/3 lenses, things may work out fine afterall.

Let's hope for best, and see what happens and cut down the negativity a bit.

Best Regards, Bernard


Thanks for your post.


As an owner of seventeen of the Zuiko lenses and three of the four thirds cameras, I could worry and feel abandoned, but I've chosen not to. Negativity only breeds more negativity, nothing good ever comes from that. Several who have replied to your posting have stated in other threads they have moved on from Olympus. There is nothing wrong with that, they have hopefully found what they were seeking. Others have stayed, and the same applies there. Hopefully in either case, the glass is more than half full with wonderful shots.

Someone once said that a picture is worth a thousand words. There are threads here and no doubt other forums where shots from whatever camera or cameras you use can be shared and commented on by the poster and the forum. Wow us with your shots, whatever the brand of the camera, or the brand of the lens in those threads where that is welcome. There is much more to the joy of photography than the gear...share the beautiful images that your system and your skill provides and make the world and this forum a little bit brighter.

I'll wait on the latest and greatest for now and get back to at least taking a stab at what this hobby called photography has to offer. Enjoy it!

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