OVER JUICING THE RAM OF MY LAPTOP - is it the right thing to do?

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Re: OVER JUICING THE RAM OF MY LAPTOP - is it the right thing to do?

Sean Nelson wrote:

I can't tell you whether or not your system can take the extra memory. But I can tell you that it's standard practice to list the maximum RAM size for a system based on the maximum capacity of the DIMMs available when the system was made. For example, if your motherboard has four DIMM slots and if the biggest DIMMs that were available when it was made were 2GB apiece, then the specs would likely be spec'd as being capable of taking 8GB of memory. Manufacturers do this because they come under fire if they list a maximum capacity that isn't actually possible with existing parts at the time the system is sold.

In most cases that I've seen, if larger DIMM modules of the same type (i.e., DDR3 modules in DDR3 slots) later become available, they'll work just fine.

Not correcting you, just adding to:

While this is true, in the past it was also set to a "lower ceiling" due to possibly lower quality parts on the motherboard.  Another thing: If the manufacturer never thoroughly tested the board for 16GB compatibility despite the hardware supporting it, they won't list it as 16GB capable despite it being so.

Also, in the past, the motherboard chipset was responsible for the memory controller and was thus the limiting factor to what could be supported.  But today's processors have the memory controller built into them and so the memory limitations, barring motherboard quality issues, is based on the CPU's accepted specifications.

If the CPU is designed to handle 16GB of RAM, then the biggest thing to be concerned about is to make sure to acquire RAM that meets the voltage specs.  RAM with too high a voltage can damage the CPU.  If you can find lower voltage, aka power efficient, RAM then it is much safer to use while also consuming a little bit less power and producing less heat.

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