would Fuji do the same stuff up again with the X20 (orbs &QC)

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Re: would Fuji do the same stuff up again with the X20 (orbs &QC)

After Fujifilm has replaced who knows how many X10's at their expense ( . . . . including mine . . . ) and taken such a black eye in the online world (led by all the hysterics right here in the Wild Wild West of DPR), do you REALLY think they'd get caught out again?  How many people may have lost their jobs, got reprimanded, or at least are on very short leashes atop very hot seats?

Anyone who has had their reputation for leadership in still and motion picture film stocks, serious, big money broadcast lenses, mil-spec binoculars, satellite optics, and a solid reputation for the usually off-the-beaten path cameras they've already made, is going to take their licks on that one, FIX their process and move on.  And don't forget, these are Made-in-Japan products, and X100 production was stopped by the Earthquake/tsunami, and I imagine FF was impacted in many ways by that tragedy.

That the X20 has an X-Trans sensor is no accident.  I'd have bet my house that whatever follow-on to the X10 would not have a sensor even remotely related to the X10's EXR.  For obvious reasons.  They have been making lots of points with the X-Trans, so there you are.

Lots of new cameras have their problems that just don't show up no matter how many tests the engineers run;  it's just not the same as all the things that can happen once the civilians get their hands on them in real life.  And lots of manufacturers are ham-fisted when it comes to fixing them:  Cruise around the full-frame Nikon or Canon forums, a few nits to pick regarding their new cameras, and their response.  It happens.

I had the occasional orb with my first X10.  It didn't keep me up nights, nor did I feel personally violated, rend my clothes and wear sack cloth and ashes about it.  However, I did think that should I ever decide to sell or trade it, an old serial # camera might be a liability.  I sent it in, and Fuji in New Jersey (Thank You, Steve, and FF) graciously replaced it.  How could I possibly complain?  My XS-1 is orbless and droop-less (Thank You B+H).

But for the life of me, I can NOT imagine any circumstance where they have not made a lot of internal changes and done everything possible to NOT repeat the X10 situation with the X20.

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