Merrill sensored cameras ARE 30MP luminance equivalents to 30MP cameras!

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Re: Here is proof that the Sigma DP2M is producing 30MP images.

I haven't done the 50mm yet, but I will.

I haven't printed yet, only pixel peeping.  I scaled all the photos to 36MP.

It's difficult to quantify differences in resolution or their significance for printing when pixel peeping. In my own personal nomenclature I would describe the D800 advantage in the centre as "clearly noticeable" at 100%.

Also noticeable is the DP2M artefacting.  Luminance aliasing is present in some surprising places. Not only are there obvious saw tooth jaggies along angled diagonal lines but even bigger structures such as the thick wooden edges of window frames are affected in odd ways.  They look kind of "rippled" in some places, like they were trying very hard to turn into rope artefacts but hadn't quite made it. The D800 and RX100 avoided these kind of distortions.  I think it shows that once you let in aliasing, it affects all sorts of things in the image, not just the obvious patterny things that cause moire.  Photozoom may be a better choice for mimising this.

On the other hand, we are talking about the equivalent of a 75 inch wide print, so it is an open question as to what effect this stuff has on the enjoyment of a regular sized print. Probably not much I suspect - may even trick the eye into making it look sharper.

I was quite impressed with the colour - the earlier Foveon models tend to have a strong character not everyone likes but the newer cams and the Merrills seem quite plausible and not much different from Bayer colour.

I opened up the shadowed road to balance the tones and I didn't notice any sign of excessive noise or colour blotches either - a common criticism even at low ISO.

The lens is really, really, really good....

I wasn't that suprised at the resolving ability of the DP2M, but the RX100 was the real surprise.  It has "clearly noticebly" less resolution than the DP2M (by a similar amount as the D800-DP2m gap, I would estimate) but that image quality isn't embarrassed at all by being in the company of the DP2M. I reckon you could do serious landscape photography with nothing but that tiny camera even with quite large prints.

It would have been nice to have a comparison with 24MP APS-c and full frame sensors as well to see if we could pin down better where the comparative resolution of the DPM is. Does it live up to Sigma's 30MP claim?  Real world resolution equivalence "somewhere between 20MP and 36MP" is a bit of an unsatisfactory statement! That'll have to wait for another day.

Thanks again for letting me have the files.


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