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Re: We were PROMISED an EOS-M Forum.

Marco Nero wrote:

The EOS-M is a mirrorless camera. It's NOT a DSLR. It's NOT a PowerShot. And it's NOT the only one of it's kind to be made by Canon.

We were ASSURED of an EOS-M Forum by two different moderators. They said the only reason it wasn't set up yet was because they were busy. That was MONTHS ago.

Get it together guys. Canon themselves has assured you of more Canon mirrorless cameras on the way so why is it so hard to create a Mirrorless forum like the Sony NEX and Nikon Mirrorless forums?

Why drag out the inevitable? Why BOTHER wasting time reviewing cameraphones? Are you guys even serious about this website? I'm getting sick of scrolling through all the other threads to try and find threads on the EOS-M. They're scattered all over the place and they're growing each week.

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Marco Nero.

I agree Marco! Unfortunately Ive grown impatient in my old age, so I just gave up on posting my images / thoughts on my little M.

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