Anyone been to Cosa Rica?

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Yay! I love Costa Rica

I'm excited for you. I lived outside San Jose for a summer and more recently my wife and I traveled the Caribbean coast by bus and backpack just shy of Panama.

Here's what I have found.

1. Get out of San Jose as fast as you can. Watch your stuff very very closely in San Jose as that is where it's likely to get lifted. The people in Costa Rica are very pacifistic and violent crime is lower than most american cities, but I'm a country boy so I just get out of San Jose as soon as I can.

2. Lodging is pretty inexpensive. Our accommodations ranged from 12$ for a basic room (outdoor kitchen) to $75 for a really luxurious stay.

3. Travel is cheap and the bus system is on time and efficient. Buses go everywhere. We backpack, so taking buses was easy and cheap. It's was like $16 to travel across the country by bus. Most hops between towns were a couple bucks. I wouldn't want to rent a car because the driving there is dangerous compared to here. They drive pretty crazy and the mountain roads are intense. Definitely get a GPS if you rent a car though.

4. Costa Ricans are super nice people and they generally like Americans (surrounding countries are not quite as kind).

5. Getting into parks and hiring guides are some of the more expensive things we do down there, but it's all worth it. We travel very economically, so that's a matter of perspective.

The 50-200mm + TCs will be great. As will the 50mm and 7-14mm. I don't use flash down there as the lighting is good most times of day where I have been.

Have a great time!



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