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eilivk wrote:

Thanks! On another forum I was told - from experienced users - that the Fujis are very different from other cameras, and I would have lots of trouble (like it's for us - not for you!). But then another wrote he got into the focusing in no time. - This thread is the best I have found. Aware of OM-D being an amazing camera, a lot better than G3, which is not the best in low light. IBIS is great to have (therefor also considered Nex but...) Got the Pana 20mm which would be fine and small on OM-D. As said found the kit lens heavy (or it was the camera), but Oly got some primes which Pana does not have and size matter more than weight. Interesting what you write about ISO, must have looked too much at dpr ISO 6400 samples which led to believe X-E1 clearly outperformed most cameras. But also found a lot of very impressive user images.

User experiences are very important. But anyway there's a lot of good small cameras today. If you are good enough can do great things with any camera.

The one note of caution I'd offer to what you write here is pairing the OMD with the Panasonic 20mm lens. Its a really nice lens, and small, as you note. BUT, it was a very early m43 lens and it uses an out-dated external movement focussing mechanism (which, unfortunately, the first three Fuji lenses also use) and its a very very slow lens to auto-focus. With that lens, the AF on the OMD is nowhere close to as fast or sure as the OMD is with any of the more modern lenses. The original Olympus 17mm f2.8 (not to be confused with the recently released 17mm f1.8!!!) is another slow AF lens, as are some of the early kit zoom lenses. The 20mm also seems to have a problem with the modern sensor cameras where it causes banding at high ISO's, so its good up to about 1600, but banding starts to appear at 3200 and gets pretty bad at 6400, if I recall correctly.

So, I wouldn't buy the OMD with the thought of using it mostly or exclusively with that lens. With any of the more recent prime lenses (and zooms too) from either Olympus or Panasonic, its got screamingly good AF, but with some of the earliest m43 lenses, the lenses are the weak link in the chain. Primes that work great with the OMD are the Panasonic 14 and 25 (and I think 45mm macro) and the Olympus 12, 17 (the new one), 45, and 75. There are a host of newer zoom lenses that work well too, including the two new high end Panasonic zooms.


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