Anyone tried viewfinder magnifiers on full-frame Nikons?

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Re: The socket is also the wrong size, although fits...

J Mankila wrote:

Thanks for the tip! But actually, the other reason for not liking the DK-21M, one that I didn't mention, is the look of it. The eyepiece frame is designed for DSLRs with a small, squarish socket, and looks a bit weird on the more "prosumer" bodies.

Well, the look of it is ok for me, comfortable enough, and the "plain" DK-21 serves ok as eyecup too and doesn't cover the LCD below. I wouldn't mind using it if the view was ok.

Not a show-stopper, by any means, but I would like to see if I prefer the Tenpa's large rubber eyecup, similar to Nikon's DK-19.

I can't use the Tenpa eyecup because it sticks out, makes pushing the eye close uncomfortable. An eyecup might work with Nikon adapter hacks where the eyecup is mounted behind the edge of the magnifier, not extending over the edge.

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