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Re: Messages Can't Be Read?

Wildbegonia wrote:

RuthC wrote:

Thank you, Andy for your speedy reply. It's very reassuring to me that there is actually someone out there in the ether who reads our grumbles!

(I don't suppose you have any influence over getting rid of the voting manipulators or cheaters????) Sigh!

I'l try to be very patient now.

Andy Westlake,

I am not sure what disciplinary measures to suggest, but while you are at it, deal with bullies in DP's Forum. It is a disgrace (what new members would think of this site?) to read these comments in this forum written by Host members. They express their disagreement with other members not with intelligent arguments but with insults, name calling and bulling. I complained some many times, I thought that I unintentionally disable the complain button, or simply I run out of the complains one is entitled In DP!

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"Ethics is the difference between what you have the right to do, and what is right to do."

You should pity such people,  they have small minds so they have to resort to name calling or asking people to jump in front of a truck,  they can't win an argument with coherent reasoning,  feel sorry for them . . .  don't complain 

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