Which Lens Hood for 650D (T4i)?

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Re: Which Lens Hood for 650D (T4i)?

Peter Parsons wrote:

I have the same 18-55mm lens as you, and I found that on the extreme 18mm setting the lens hood gets into each corner the picture. I have tried both petal and circular hoods and it happens with both. I have to move the focal length up to at least 24mm to prevent this. So make sure you try the hood at this setting before you buy one!

I presume you must not have used the recommend hood from Canon, but just some generic "all purpose" hoods, which are - as you noticed - of no use for the 18-55 IS at wide angle. You have to get a wide angle hood.  Anyway, the best choice is indeed the Canon EW-60C or some knock-off with the same design. It's relatively small, but has to be, because of the wide-angle, and can't be petal shaped, because of the rotating front.

Note: hoods are made for particular lenses, not for a camera body.

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