Is there a way to make 6D raw files load faster in LR4?

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Re: Is there a way to make 6D raw files load faster in LR4?

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Convert the raw files to DNG. It takes more time during the import because the CPU has to do a lot of work, but DNG's work faster in LR4 because they take advantage of multi threading.

" Tiled" DNG files divided into parts so multicore processors can read and write them faster."

"Fast-load data," a miniature raw preview image embedded in the file that makes it faster to switch among images in Lightroom's develop module--eight times as fast, according to Tom Hogarty, principal product manager for Lightroom."

Search for an article in cnet called "Adobe offering new reasons to get DNG religion"

I switched to DNG with Lightroom 4 and have been very happy with the performance.

I love Dng. I have used it ever since I bought the 40D 5 years ago. I discard the cr2 files. I see no need for them...

I did the same thing a few years ago. However, the DLO feature of DPP made me wonder if I really made the right move. My initial testing of DLO, though, didn't show much/any improvement for my particular camera/lens combos. I did see significant improvements in other people's test pictures, though, so perhaps it was just a learning curve issue on my part.

The point is, there might be some optimizations in the future that can only be done on the original CR2 files, so it may be desirable to archive the CR2 files for some of your better pictures.

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I might just be nostagic (or lazy), but I don't wanna do any PP on my old pictures. I kind a like looking back at my older DNG files and think: "ahhh, thats how I used to process my images in that time period". Its a bit like looking at old, fade pictures. Whats done is done...


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