Yellow K-01 + 40mm lens for US $316.

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Re: Yellow K-01 + 40mm lens >no shipping to australia

steve_K10D wrote:

Paul Panetta wrote:

Hi Steve,

Got a notification that it will be arriving between Feb 5 and Feb 26. I guess if you only pay 20 bucks for shipping they must be sending by canoe to Aus.

They said they won't debit the card until it ships.

Hope the AUD stays strong.


Paul P.

Well i pulled the trigger on a black model , teds had them on special body only (299), as i wanted the warranty and au spec charger but if the yellow does actually eventuate? i may still buy it and give the new one i just purchased to my son so we will see. I have a very nice FA 50mm 1.7 and all i can say is the images are SHARP , very happy with this camera and have already upgraded the firmware! Good luck , will see what happens with shipping and Amazon........

Nice! The images from the K01 are fantastic considering the current price.  You should still keep the yellow one when amazon finally ship it, you get a 2nd body which comes in handy, plus a fantastic pancake lens, and the yellow version looks awesome too!

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