new Sigma 120-300 f/2.8 again? But now with weather sealing for sports?

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Re: Sigma needs better planning

Gearóid Ó Laoi, Garry Lee wrote:

. . . The obsession with FF (I include the 1Div in this, though I know it's 1.3x) is I think becoming outdated. Anyone who sees some of the fabulous shots you can get with a NEX-7 will ask himself the question, do I really need all that weight?).

A weatherproof professional faster version of the 7d with the option of using the big lenses, or smaller lighter lenses with less reach, would be a very attractive option for me.

on the long run 35 mm equivalent format will partly replace medium format backs - I'd love to buy a Phase One IQ180 back - so if at all I would be obsessed by medium format quality. Most of the non tele shots I do are stitched results from four TS-E 17 respectively four TS-E 90 shots - awayls shifting the full extent ±12 mm and ±60° resulting in a virtual sensor format of 57x36 mm with real 50 MPixel.

The 300 f/2.8 II with single shot is a notable compromise for me and juuust meeting my wish list - but only by a tiny margin - I am very disappointed with the 5D III being a tiny leap ahead in image quality at ISO 3200 and beyond. I was looking for a bigger leap ahead in image quality at ISO 100 till 3200 - but in real world you might see some improvements at ISO 6400 and higher (which are unacceptable for big prints in either camera.

The quality level I am intending is files that suit big printing sizes beyond 24 x 36 inches - I own a Z3200 printer from HP and I love my prints hanging at my wall or in an exhibition.

That's a TS-E 90 shot done in the described way - even at this size it is visible what i am talking about:

My 300 f/2.8 is quite near to that in single shot mode and I have strong hopes that sooner or latter an affordable high MP-cound 35 mm equivalent format camera will be available - weather sealing at (the cheapest part of my equipment) the camera is not so important - I was using my 5D II in the drizzling rain for hours and nothing happened - if something would have happened a service consultation would probably do the job - for the lenses I'd assume a service check would cost more then my 5D II - now used available for less then 1200 EUR - cameras are disposals for me - lenses are more expensive and keepers - they don't get that much better over time if you select the lenses that are already at the limit of optics.

I'd always spend the money on lenses rather then cameras - the D800E was a notable disappointment as well as the 5D III - no real world benefit for my style of photography.

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