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Re: X-E1 and OMD

eilivk wrote:

Very useful information. Even if I think OM-D is out of the question, too heavy with the kit lens. And not convinced by the high ISO results.

Prefer stabilization, But that would not stop me form getting X-E1. Only one thing stopping me, worry about focusing. My shop will not put a battery in the camera (seen they do it for pros...) so I can't check focusing. Which is my weak point. Learning slowly and got good results with G3 after one year. But with X-E1 afraid focusing will be so difficult the camera will not be very useful.

So what? Say no way I'll buy the camera without trying focusing? Only work with focusing on G3 for some time? Wait for a more userfriendly camera?

Maybe OM-D or Nex would be more wise. But really need good high ISO rather often. And good jpeg. And like the colours. And size...

Difficult for others to give advice. But anyone been in the same position and found a way with focusing?

I have the X-Pro and OMD and I don't have any problem with the Fuji focussing, except in low light the 35mm can really hunt if you don't have some strong vertical contrast to focus on. The 18mm is a good bit less finicky. That said, the OMD focus is in another league - much faster and much surer in any light. .

But, by the same token, if you think the Fuji is notably better in low light, you're wrong. They're both great in low light. I can get great low light shots with both cameras. I did a pretty specific experiment that I discuss in more detail in a post above in this thread comparing the two cameras with the same effective focal length and aperture and there was essentially no real world difference in low light results. And with the OMD's selection of fast glass and amazing stabilization, its not at any dis-advantage in low light. Both are wonderful cameras with different shooting characteristics - either one should meet your low light needs.


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