Yellow K-01 + 40mm lens for US $316.

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Re: Yellow K-01 + 40mm lens >no shipping to australia

anthony mazzeri wrote:

steve_K10D wrote:

Well i pulled the trigger on a black model , teds had them on special body only (299), as i wanted the warranty and au spec charger

There's really no such thing as an AU spec charger as it's usually the same 110-240 charger worldwide, where you just swap the cord with your local-plug version. It's the standard 'laptop' cord plug, so you only need one to work with many chargers, so you likely don't een need to buy it if you have another camera/charger already.

The only issue is with the ones that have the plug built into the charger itself, usually hinged for wall socket use, then you would just need an adapter plug instead, but that's not the case with the K-01's D-BC90 charger.

As you've likely found out already with the your new K-01. But if ever in doubt in the future, just download the camera's manual first to check the 'what's in the box' or 'charging the battery' pages to see if it is the cable version.

thanks for the heads up!

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