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This is a great point you made regarding online camera comparisons. So often we read too much online, and see so many image comparisons that we do some purchases without trying the cameras or lenses. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.

And aggravating the fact that smaller camera shop do not have the latest and greatest, the local second hand market is not great either (in order to sell "mistakes").

I bought Fuji X10 based on online reviews and it was love at first shutter click. I bought Canon 50f1.8 and never used it... It is a a serious hit and miss to buy based on online advice. In the end there is a certain relationship between photographer and camera that is very hard to judge before using a certain camera for a few days at least.

Coming back to the original discussion - the classic OM-D vs X-E1 I feel the truth is that both are great cameras with some growing pains

After much agonizing I decided to get the Fuji X-E1 kit (with the 18-55) and also the XF 35. The argument that finally made me decide is that I felt perfectly happy with Fuji existing lenses, while the m43 lens line-up didn't really make me eager to join that system. Also, the total cost of m43 system versus the Fuji one I felt it was bigger (at least according to my current and near-future needs). And in the end, I am used to changing camera bodies every 2 years, but lenses tend to stay with me much longer.

I just can't wait to receive the package - and hopefully I will be so in love with this camera as I am with the X10.

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