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Re: X-E1 and OMD

Moonman52 wrote:

El Chubasco wrote:

For me the OMD's IBIS is a total deal breaker, it is simpy brilliant. Also, we should remember that OMD is designed to do Video very well, while XE-1 seems to be more directed towards still photography only.

I would switch to XE-1 if it had some stabilization system. I'll wait to see what Fuji develops in the upcoming years.

I own both cameras and have been using and comparing them both daily for almost 2 months now and indeed the OM's IBIS is incredible and one of several factors why if I could only keep one of them the XE-1 would NOT be the one I'd keep. Keep in mind I love my XE-1 but there are too many things important to my style of shooting that are totally lacking in the Fuji product right now. Hopefully that changes in the next version of either the XPro1 or XE-1. As I said in a similar thread the Olympus EM-5 didn't win camera of the year for no reason.

I have the X-Pro and OMD and my feelings are quite similar. I'm fortunate to be able to keep both and I love both, but I'd I had to pick one, the OMD would be the obvious choice. It just does so much so well. And it's lens selection has finally reached something like full maturity and there's just no situation I can't find the right lens for.

In terms of IQ, there's something I qualitatively prefer slightly about the Fuji but they're both exceptional, and I don't really finds the Fuji better in low light in actual use. The Fuji is better at ISO 6400, but I don't think the ISOs equate. I did some low light experiments with the 18mm on the Fuji and the 14mm on the OMD, so both 28mm equivalent lenses, and shot both at f2.5 (the 14mm's fastest aperture). And I'd get basically the same exposures with the same shutter speeds with the OMD at 3200 as with the Fuji at 6400. So no discernible difference in that apples to apples comparison and in real world use, with the choice of fast glass available for the OMD, I can always get the shot with either camera.

Both wonderful cameras, both a huge amount of fun to shoot with and both turning out great files, but the OMD is enormously more versatile and capable overall, at least for now.


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