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I am uploading an image of a spider in original JPEG file without crop.. Let me tell you that the image uploaded is the closest my lens let me do in manual mode... Image was taken at ISO 100, Aperture 3.8, shutter speed 200sec. and using external flash..........I just wanna know how other people fill the entire frame.. Do I have to use extension tube, bellows etc..???

The max 1:1 magnification means 24mm along the long side of the frame on a DX camera. I don't know how big this spider is, but images of enlarged insects are often made at 3:1 or more. Canon has a dedicated lens MP-E 65mm for this. Your lens can be used if you reverse it on top of macro bellows or a couple of sets of extension tubes. Wide-angle lenses (including kit lenses for the start) produce such magnification reversed without additional extension or with a shorter one. But the technique is a bit involved; DoF is thin, light is scarce, so you need to work either on tripod or with flash; everything is manual including aperture; you need some specific gear. But all you need may be googled up on this forum.

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