RX100 OOCJpg vs Processed Raw

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Re: RX100 OOCJpg vs Processed Raw

YiannisPP wrote:

Antonio73 wrote:

YiannisPP wrote:

I think we would need to look at your pics at full size in order to appreciate any difference. At these sizes all I can tell is that the RAW is processed to an overall lighter exposure. The sky looks lighter and accordingly the shadows in the tree branches are lighter too. Could you upload the full verions maybe?

I find the opposite from you, my RAW conversions almost always look flatter than the OOC jpegs. It seems to me the camera is doing some processing to the jpegs that adds some "microcontrast" that the default RAW conversions lack. I have yet to match an OOC jpeg. Not that it is an aim in itself but I'd like to know what the jpeg engine does exactly to give those punchier pics with slightly less detail and noise.

You can view these at 100% by entering my gallery page and choosing "original" from size options.

I cannot because you need to change some option to your profile to public, or something like that that I can't remember. As is I can only see "large" at your galery. Log out of your account and have a look at your gallery and you'll see what I mean.

- it looks more like oversharpening with "high radius - low amount" formula.

That's exactly what I tried in order to match it but so far I can't match it exactly:) Sure the jpeg looks a bit plasticky compared to the RAW conversion when viewed at 100%, but the latter has more grain. In any case the jpeg seems to hit a good compromise in terms of overall impression for base ISO.

At high ISOs though I definitely prefer the RAW grainy look than the more plasticky OOC jpeg.

Do let me know if you manage to match a base ISO daylight jpeg and share the knowledge!

Of course it goes without saying that I too enjoy this little camera to the max.

now you can view at 100%, thanks for the tip)

have you tried to change jpeg output settings? currently i'm using 'standard' creative style with all three settings at zero level. maybe lowering contrast and sharpening will do the trick? and its just the matter of how far below zero level you need to lower?? also, i wish sony would give us the control over jpeg noise reduction at ALL iso settings.

in any case, the camera rocks! and not because i bought it, but as it is)

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