Merrill sensored cameras ARE 30MP luminance equivalents to 30MP cameras!

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Re: Here is proof that the Sigma DP2M is producing 30MP images.

I've been looking at Mr Blissfly's comparison images he kindly sent to me.

Pixel peeping, the D800 very noticeably outresolves the DP2M when everything is sharpened up equally and you compare equal sized files. The images also look nicer from the D800 (subjective I know) because of fewer artefacts. The differences are not huge, however.

But the main thing that stands out for me is just how good the DP2M lens is.  The files are equally sharp all over, right into the corners.  The D800 images even with a decent zoom well stopped down are quite uneven in sharpness with a lot of fall off at the edges and the corners.

So, resolution wise not as high as the D800 in the centre but definitely higher than the 20MP RX100 which was also included (and seems remarkably good for a snapshot camera) and definitely higher at the edges.

Lenses are making a difference at this level and a lot are struggling.  That DP2M lens must be one of the best ever made!

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