SX50 brief video and comparison

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Re: Yikes. Does CHDK fix this?

Such as a in-built ND filter, many P&S have them but you can not enable/access them, helps if you want that soft water/etc affect. CHDK enables the ND (you have to test if there) as well as superfine for P&S only fitted with fine Q jpegs.

But the scripts are wonderful if you want them!!

ruko_ruko wrote:

I too wonder why such a simple thing would not be included with this camera. It's only a matter adding software that enables the camera to activate functions that are apparently ready to go. I had a SX30 Canon and it was really surprising the number of functions that are enabled using CHDK. These are functions the camera already has but are not made available for inexplicable reasons. Maybe they didn't want the manual to get any bigger.

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