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El Chubasco wrote:

Totally agree with you. That is why I am keeping my OMD and not switching over XE-1. I unerdstand the reasons behind shooting preferences and the feeling of the Fuji X system because I own a X100. Fuji makes beautiful cameras that are a pleasure to shoot with but the OMD is simply better in many ways. That was my point.

I own the X100 (since Nov 2011) and an X10.  I love the X100 and it has been my primary camera since.  Naturally, I took a serious look at the X-E1 and the X Pro 1 as well.  Since my primary camera will see the overwhelming bulk of work there are just some things that Fuji doesn't do well....yet.  Ex. video, this is a must with children IMO.

I've had no real issue capturing a 5 year old and a 2 year child with the X100, or the X10.  But, I find myself really needing some more tele options in the 100-200mm range.  I tried the X-S1 but the IQ just isn't doing it for me.  I was an Oly DSLR shooter (E-1 and E-3 with mid-grade sealed glass) for year so the OM-D was appealing.

My OM-D arrived yesterday.  It had to be exchanged (another post in m4/3 forum) and the new one arrived today.  I've noticed the following:

In good light, they are very close in terms of IQ, esp. with the 45 f/1.8 mounted. The AWB and colors are also both great OOC jpg.  Indoors, at night, under the lighting in my home, the X100 does a better job with WB and does lock focus pretty well.  The OM-D locks faster and does a decent WB job.  I find I really do like the DR options (100-400) in the Fuji line and wish the OM-D did the same. So far, I can say that I'm liking the OM-D. Especially, since I can replace my X100, X10 and X-S1 with the OM-D and 17mm, 45mm and 12-50mm.  For the tele end of the X-S1, I still need a good little option until Oly comes out with a weather sealed lens.  I don't like the >$1000 price tag of the Panasonic f/2.8 tele (and it's big and heavy).  I'd love to see Oly come out with a f/4 tele...similar to the old Canon 70-200 f/4L I used to have (sold in 2006?) the size of the 12-50 kit (dreaming...).

I got the 12-50 (24-100mm) weather sealed kit lens, although it is slow (f/3.5-6.3), it is a nice range and worth the small cost with the discounted kit.  I also HAD to have a 35mm FOV since I love the X100 and "see" in that FOV now.  I picked up the 17mm f/2.8.  Both the 17 and 45 have a $150 rebate attached to them (nice). So, I basically get the little 17mm for free with the purchase of the 45.

I LOVE my X100 and would have to part with it if I do stay with the OM-D.  I've always LOVED Oly too.  They are very similar in a lot of respects and have enough differences to cause angst for a lot of us who are torn between two systems.  Right now, I need a system and the X-E1/X Pro just don't have what I need at this time (outside of killer IQ!) and sheer beauty.

Yes, IMO, the OM-D is a slight step back in IQ (very slight) from the X100 and other X APS-C bodies. But it's strengths are starting to win me over.  Only time will tell.

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