Merrill sensored cameras ARE 30MP luminance equivalents to 30MP cameras!

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Gary Dean Mercer Clark
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Here is proof that the Sigma DP2M is producing 30MP images.

The .jpeg size alone is 24.4 MPs--to large to load onto's gallery. Here is the full resolution .jpeg uploaded onto  Enlarge all you want and look at the detail on the buildings 2 miles away and you can read the print on the fishing pier sign.  I used the foveon blue color profile in post processing the image.

No other camera that I've shot with has ever produced this level of detail EXCEPT shooting with a 30Mp Phase One digiback.  You can't deny that this sensor is picking up more detail than a 24MP camera. It is clearly producing 30MP equivalent images.

You can argue the figures all you want. I've shot with 30MP up to 50MP cameras in medium format and I know what 30MP image looks like.  This is a tiny sensor compared to the D800 and it is resolving image detail on par with a 30MP camera.

How much more image detail do we need here?   You have to do a considerably large print to actually show all of the image detail that is captured with this camera.

Sigma is the true pioneer in the photography industry.  Like David versus the Goliaths of the Industry.

Look at the image---I didn't sharpen it!  That is exactly how it came out of the camera with a SD9 foveon blue color profile used.  It is sharp from corner to corner.

This is an amazing camera.  How much further can Sigma develop this technology---maybe larger sensors with large pixel sizes

Full Size DP2M image --

Website link:

Gary Mercer

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