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quezra wrote:

My hunch is that Panasonic does not fear crowding into the DSLR category the way Canon does. For Canon, this is because a large number of DSLR users (who got the camera because people told them to, not because they knew how to use them) would be equally fine just using bridge cameras, but this is bad for Canon who make more money off the DSLRs. So they need to keep a clear divide in functionality between their bridge cameras and DSLRs. However the kind of buyer who goes for Panasonic's DSLR-like cameras (GH, G series) are likely to have given the market a lot of serious thought before settling on those cameras (and therefore unlikely to see the FZ200 as a serious alternative) and so there's a lot lower risk of cannibalization across market segments for Panasonic. Hence their all-out-efforts on the FZ200, which I'm happy to have bought to support this trend.

And there lies problem. Panasonic markets the their m4/3 as the better/higher end camera, while the FZ lines is swept away because you but it once you are pretty much set for the life of the camera. On the other hand with their m4/3 you are forced to get something besides the kit lens to get within 2 stops of the FZ in terms of performance. They have no incentive to tell users that the FZ camera line is actually at the top of their camera line. Canon on the other hand doesn't care because they are making hand over fist in cash from suckering people into lenses they may not need. Think about it, one needs to spend at around $1000 at least get in the same stadium as the FZ200 in total performance.

Now get this off topic thread out of the Panasonic compact forum(seriously they need to make a forum just for the FZ).

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