The KM 7D is still shooting

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Re: The KM 7D is still shooting

I still love my KM7D. I purchased mine when it first was released, right before my son was born. This past summer, I passed it on to my son (age 8) to start to kindle an interest in photography. He had such a great time with it and did pretty well.

After processing some of the shots, I was still very impressed with the results from that camera. While I also love my new a57, that KM7D always felt 'just right' in my hands and the dials/buttons/etc were all in comfortable, familiar spots.

Here are a few of his better shots. Now, he still has a bunch to learn, but for age 8, I think he did pretty well.

I just loved the color representation from this shot. The KM7D always represented colors well.

I liked this composition. It showed he was thinking outside the box a little, rather than just some of his single shot - centered subject ones.

Not a great shot, but shows the perspective he had for many of his shots. While I may have only had tops of heads that were easy to crop. He wound up with foreground torsos.. Love the KM7D colors.

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