What are the Frenchies up to now?

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Re: Where are we going to get the moolah?

28to70 wrote:

So now we are going to help the Frenchies bomb the hell out of the North Africans! As if we didn't have our resources overextended all over the world. But of course we can count on the Chinese to lend us the money. We are broke, the French are broke, the British are broke.

At one point the Soviets went bankrupt and had to mothball their fleet and get out of the eastern block countries fast. We don't learn. We are next.

It remains to be seen what will be the exact involvement of the US in this conflict. For the moment, the demands are limited to logistical help and a few drones.

This conflict won't be over for Christmas and the idea is to put a West-African force in place, trained by European forces, to help the weak Malian army safeguard Mali's territorial integrity which is, given the size and type of country, quite a challenge.

Financial implications for the US alone should be limited for now but who knows how the conflict is going to evolve?

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