Sony RX100 vs Canon S110 - pocketability assessment

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Re: Sony RX100 vs Canon S110 - pocketability assessment

ha! Those wooden models are awesome.

I face the same dilemma, though I had the opportunity to try both cameras in person. The rx100 is just a hair to big. I was definitely debating it though, as it's just *so close* to the s100 in size.

I haven't bought it, but it's mostly because -
1. I already own an s100
2. It's high price - especially compared to the s100 that's already payed for
3. I just don't take as many pictures as I used to
It's definitely been on the fence for me guess is that Canon will come out with an s110 replacement this fall that will keep the s110 form factor, but use tech similar to Sony's to put a larger sensor in it. That's purely a personal guess, but I would bet Canon will look at the situation and also feel that an s110 replacement with a larger sensor would do well. Drawback is that they also have a tendency to arbitrarily remove features just so they can add them back in in the next version, so it might be another 2 years before something decent comes out from them...

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