GH3 flash exposure compensation and a short review

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Re: GH3 flash and Metz

ajamils1 wrote:

Ulfric M Douglas wrote:

10 flashes in 10 minutes sounds like total bollocks.

I'll believe it when I see it, and how could the camera model affect such a thing?


Ya, I don't believe that either but I was just referring to the review on Amazon.

See page 62.  That part of the manual is talking about continuous firing at 1 second intervals.  I'd assume that if you space things out farther it'll work fine.  (I've never used this flash, I'm really guessing)

At least on the metz, you really only need full power when bouncing, and it zooms the flash head out almost all the way.  This moves the bulb away from the clear plastic on the flash head so melting is less likely.

BTW, I was wrong about wireless working with the metz AF50.  It does trigger the flash, but not at the right time.  And the ttl is not working over wireless.


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