Panasonic gx1 or Olympus E-PL5? Backup to OMD

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Re: Panasonic gx1 or Olympus E-PL5? Backup to OMD

I've been taking smaller backup cameras on my "once only" trips for years, but never had to use them as such.  In the case of my EM5, I took an XZ-1 as backup to Mongolia last summer.  Although the EM5 is a lot smaller and lighter than my DSLR, it's still bigger and heavier than the pocketable XZ-1, which I wound up carrying most of the time.  It's a great little camera and the images are excellent according to my non-pixel peeping eyes.  It also does great in-camera panoramas, a feature I use often in the mountains.

For me, the big tradeoff for a backup is that it could hold one of my favorite lenses, and then I wouldn't have to fumble around with changing lenses in some adverse conditions.  Even in good conditions, I still don't like the idea of exposing the insides of the camera.  That's why I'm also considering the E-PL5 to replace the XZ-1 as my backup.

The M43 Rumor site mentioned a new Olympus camera coming out toward the end of this month.  It may only be a rumor, who knows, but I think it's worth waiting a couple of weeks to find out.  I'm hoping for an EPL-5-like body with viewfinder.  If not, then I'll go with the E-PL5.

I haven't looked at other brands for backup because I like to use an intervalometer which has a special connection through the accessory port that has worked on all Olympus cameras I've used so far.  The other more subjective reason is that I want to stay with all Olympus gear for compatibility.  The only exception is a all/light 20 mm f1.7 Panasonic lens that I carry for special occasions.


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