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Re: Tried X-E1, chose OMD

jimkohn wrote:

I had a similar dilemma and came up with the opposite conclusion. Different priorities I suppose.

To be honest, I actually have owned the OMD as well, with a great lineup of lenses, so I have a bit of experience with both. I just wanted to pick up the X Pro 1 more often. If I wasn't so OCD about clutter, I would have kept the OMDs (I had 2) and the lenses, because they are superb.

I loved the X-E1 out of camera jpeg's,

As well as the Olympus jpegs. Both are fantastic. Yeah, I lean more towards the Fuji, but Olympus gets credit for great jpegs also.

and I loved the Fuji 35mm prime and 18-55mm kit zoom.

Yeah, a lot to love there.

The autofocus, particularly in low light, was unbearable. I learned some little tips and tricks that helped, but it just isn't top of the line autofocus.

True, true. This is what I keep telling everyone. Autofocus has been around a while now, and there are certain expectations that have almost become requirements. Personally, I am hoping for focus peaking to come so I don't even have to use AF in certain low light situations. While I have almost zero issues focusing the Fuji, as well as some others on this forum, that does not make the focus competitive or on par. It just means certain people are crafty and can make it work. OMD AF is clearly the winner in this regard.

Moving the autofocus point was an ergonomic challenge,

You tell it like it is. The new setup on the X100s will be a huge improvement. Lets just hope it becomes a software option on the XP1 and the XE1.

and of course shooting a short burst was painfully slow.

Haven't done much of that.

Lack of scene modes, even face recognition, was another negative.

I would NOT like to see scene modes on my Fuji. I could care as little about face recognition.

My local camera guy really had to talk me into trying the OMD, as I was very concerned about the relatively small sensor size. In lieu of the kit zoom I bought the Olympus 14-150mm which I have found to be very good and highly underrated.

I hear its a nice lens, but never tried it.

I found the OMD ergonomics to be quite good, especially with the optional hand grip, although a couple of the buttons are too tiny or misplaced.

I never cared for the ergonomics of the OMD personally, and while the hand grip improved certain aspects, I never wanted it on because I liked the camera being small.

Then I added the PanLeica 25mm. Game over. I admit to being a bit of a pixel peeper, so this lens has totally won me over to m4/3. "Sharp" doesn't even begin to describe it, and it has a "character" that I really like, just as the X-E1 jpeg's do.

That is a great lens. I like it almost as much as the Fuji 34mm.

Now I can't wait to get my hands on the Oly 45mm and 75mm fast primes.

I had those, and they were AWESOME!!! Especially the 75mm. If you shoot UWA, try the Panny 7-14. Loved that too.

Bottom line is OMD has delivered a great experience. Feels great in my hands, image quality is excellent, and it has class leading image stabilization and autofocus. Perhaps best of all is that it is just a blast to use so taking pictures is more fun for me now. I've learned that every camera (or system) represents some trade offs. I prioritize as follows: 1: Am I likely to have the camera with me? No camera does me any good if it's sitting home in the bag, and that's what was happening with my DSLR's. 2: Focus - I rely on autofocus about 85% of the time. If a picture is out of focus there's probably not much I can do with it. 3: Exposure - While there's some latitude in post production, getting the exposure I'm looking for (or expecting) is a huge factor. After those 3, it comes down to features and to a large degree how the camera feels in my hands. I loved the X-E1 jpegs, but I feel a lot better about building a system around the OMD.

I don't see the Fuji as being a complete system yet to be honest with you, so it can't compare. No real telephoto, no UWA, no 35mm equiv, less flash functionality... We'll see if Fuji is motivated to take care of all these things in time, but the lenses are in the pipeline, so that is looking in the right direction...

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